Hope for Wildlife, Season Two


More amazing stories of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Fresh Hope. Hope is helping more animals than ever! The founder of Hope for Wildlife rescues more than 1500 injured and orphaned animals each year. Now she’s taking on the city’s stray dogs, too. This documentary series captures Hope for Wildlife’s staff, volunteers and veterinarians in their busiest year ever. Not even international boundaries will stop them from saving every animal they can! (13 episodes)

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Episode 14: Hope Renewed
Hope is taking on more animals and more responsibilities than ever. But there are concerns about Hope’s own health. This time she’s the patient.

Episode 15: Second Chances
An old patient gets a second chance on life. Doctor Barry struggles to save a pregnant porcupine. And Hope goes to hospital for surgery.

Episode 16: Chester and Wilson
As more and more orphans flood the rehab, Hope revisits the case of two long-term patients. Tough choices must be made. A unique creature finds a new home on the rehab.

Episode 17: Deer Friends
The annual flood of fawns sweeps the rehab. Dr Barry gives sweet relief to a pigeon’s personal problem. And an animal stuck in an automobile has Hope rolling up her sleeves and getting greasy.

Episode 18: Murder of Crows
The rehab staff is thrilled to release six young ravens – but horrified when they are immediately attacked. Two tiny orphans fight for their lives. And six stinky skunks steal the staff’s hearts.

Episode 19: Call of Duty
An eagle falls out of the nest and into the middle of military maneuvers. There’s more trouble for Hope’s fawns. And Tiffany takes on an attic-full of songbirds.

Episode 20: I Like Turtles
An old volunteer comes back. Hope rescues an endangered orphan. And when all seems lost for one patient – there’s a miracle on the half shell.

Episode 21: Of Beaks and Buckshot
Someone’s taken aim at a bald eagle – it needs Hope’s help. A small, but potentially lethal patient has Hope and the team on their toes.

Episode 22: Wiley and Sly
The hunt is on for a coyote who doesn’t turn out to be what people think he is. Hope needs to find a new home for the ravens – who’ve worn out their welcome at the rehab.

Episode 23: The Blushing Bride
Allison brings her work home with her and feathers fly at her wedding. While Hope and Allison are away, half a dozen orphans make a break for it.

Episode 24: Wasn’t That a Party?
Hope’s Open House is bigger and better than ever. But more people means more challenges. The volunteers are scrambling to get everything in order.

Episode 25: Hope’s Notes
Never-before-seen scenes and stories from two years of Hope’s greatest stories!

Episode 26: Earl, Meet Ralph
A huge storm blows an unusual patient off-course and straight into Hope for Wildlife. Not even international boundaries can keep Hope from returning him to his home.


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