Hope for Wildlife, Season Four


There’s no medicine like Hope.

Hope for the Best! This year Hope for Wildlife is full of changes and challenges. Hope’s losing a key member of her team and taking on more animals than ever. And Hope’s reaching out beyond the rehab – discovering new alliances, species and techniques! (13 episodes)

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Episode 40: Hope for Marine Life 1
The first baby mammal of the year arrives earlier than ever. But this species has never brought anything but heartbreak to Hope for Wildlife.

Episode 41: Hope for Marine Life 2
Spring blossoms into full swing as Hope struggles to save a seal for the first time.

Episode 42: Shubie & Kayla
A new volunteer and a rascal raven become roommates at the rehab. People take wildlife as pets, causing problems for Hope.

Episode 43: Bear Necessities
Something big and brown is headed to Hope For Wildlife. But this black bear is tied up in red tape.

Episode 44: Call Me Maybe
A daring deer rescue is captured on cell phone camera. An unlikely volunteer makes a repeat performance.

Episode 45: Big City Hope
Hope heads to Canada’s biggest city and hits the streets with a full-time wildlife rescue team!

Episode 46: Windy City Hope
Hope journeys to Chicago to fight a problem that kills millions of birds each year.

Episode 47: Howl for Nightlife
Hope discovers a mysterious predator prowling the streets of a giant metropolis.

Episode 48: Phases, Stages & Changes
Hope gets hurt – but life at the rehab must go on. An artist is inspired by Hope For Wildlife. An owl gets a nasty welcome back to the wild.

Episode 49: Monkey 101
Hope and Dr. Barry journey to Central America to meet front line wildlife rescuers in the jungles of Costa Rica!

Episode 50: Power & Primates
Hope and Dr. Barry’s adventure in Coast Rica continues. They discover a horrifying problem where man and monkey cross paths.

Episode 51: The Swan’s Song
A beautiful bird is in trouble – but is it wildlife? Spring patients are ready to return to the wild.

Episode 52: Winter Is Coming
The rehab is abuzz as Hope’s open house approaches. A release at the birthplace of hockey goes offside. A deer doesn’t want to depart.


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