Hope for Wildlife, Season Three


Rescue. Rehabilitate. Release. Repeat.

It’s a whole world of Hope! Hope Swinimer rescues, rehabilitates and releases thousands of animals from her home in Nova Scotia. Now she’s hitting the road to learn new techniques, make expert contacts and help more animals than ever! (13 episodes)

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Episode 27: Hope Springs Eternal
A new year and more challenges than ever for Hope! Hope cares for the first two beavers ever at the rehab. And Hope learns the fate of her most famous patient.

Episode 28: BEARS!
Hope and Dr. Barry travel across the continent to learn about rehabilitating bears. Soon, they’ve got their hands full wrangling five baby black bears.

Episode 29: First Fawns
The first fawn of the year arrives at the rehab – but Hope’s worried it might be the last. Hope decides the fate of a bald eagle. Two volunteers plan to make rehab a lifelong commitment.

Episode 30: Saving Seals
Hope and Barry discover the secret of rehabilitating seals from the experts at the Vancouver Aquarium. And an escape at the rehab has the volunteers launching a search and rescue operation.

Episode 31: Unlikely Recruits
Ordinary people find themselves in the middle of wildlife emergencies. Hope recruits an unlikely wildlife rescuer.

Episode 32: Education & Inspiration
Allison and Barry try to shampoo a porcupine. An old patient returns for its release. And some big news thrills the volunteers.

Episode 33: Zoli
Hope and Allison want more experience with pelicans – so they head to sunny southern California. When they arrive, a rockstar rescuer takes them under his wing.

Episode 34: For the Birds
Hope wants to learn everything she can from a rehab that specializes in birds of prey. But Hope’s worried when a release goes sideways.

Episode 35: Later Gator
Hope and Barry find themselves face to face with ‘gators, tortoises and stunning seabirds when they explore wildlife rehab in Southwest Florida.

Episode 36: Howdy, Hope!
Hope and Barry saddle up and head to Texas! They discover that not everybody agrees on the best ways to help wildlife. And a volunteer joins an international mission of mercy.

Episode 37: Coast To Coast
Hope and Allison’s quest to expand their rehab knowledge takes them to San Diego, California. How do the rehabs here handle huge caseloads and dangerous animals?

Episode 38: The Hope Files
A volunteer tangles with a dangerous patient. Hope and the team go the distance to give an injured owl a new lease on life.

Episode 39: Letting Go
Autumn brings the Open House and incredible releases. A long-term patient is snared up in red tape. And Hope hears huge news that will change everything.


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