Hope for Wildlife, Season Five


More Hope than ever!

Winter used to be quiet but now Hope’s patients keep her busy year-round. It’s a revolving door of seals, fawns, beavers, eagles and owls – all needing her help. It’s so busy, Hope’s expanding beyond her little farm. And she’s building a new facility just for marine mammals. Hope and her team continue to take their mission of mercy off the farm and on the road – meeting front-line wildlife rescuers around the world. They’re helping manatees, badgers and hedgehogs – oh my! More animals and more Hope than ever! (13 episodes)

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Episode 53: Spring Forward
Hope’s busy season arrives sooner than ever. A rehabber comes to visit Hope. Two patients from last year are finally released.

Episode 54: Just Another Day
A dark day descends on Hope for Wildlife. A rare owl appears ready for release – but will it fly?

Episode 55: A Very Precious Thing
Two tiny orphans struggle to survive. Hope takes a second swing at a release gone wrong.

Episode 56: Shot In The Dark
A most unusual fawn arrives on Hope’s doorstep. A graveyard is the spooky setting for an unlikely reunion.

Episode 57: The Fox and the ‘Hog
Two members of Hope’s team travel to England, discovering new techniques and making allies on the front lines of animal rescue.

Episode 58: Home & Abroad
Barry and Hayley’s adventure in the UK continues at a rehab using the latest in alternative therapies. Hope for Wildlife expands beyond Hope’s tiny farm.

Episode 59: Give & Take
A bobcat kitten needs Hope’s help. This little orphan causes big headaches.

Episode 60: Day In The Life
Two beavers need emergency lodging. Life on the rehab through the eyes of a volunteer.

Episode 61: Open Hearts
Preparations for Hope’s open house are derailed when a patient goes missing. The big event is more popular than ever – but is it too successful for its own good?

Episode 62: Hello Beautiful
A moose on the loose raises a ruckus. A permanent resident becomes a loveable nuisance. Some special guests have a treat for Hope’s volunteers.

Episode 63: Hope For Humanity
Hope revisits a completely- rebuilt rehab and reveals plans of her own. Hope and Barry discover a problem plaguing massive marine mammals in the warm waters of Southern Florida.

Episode 64: Hope For All Seasons
The mercury drops, but things keep heating up for Hope. An elusive creature is caught on tape. An impaled gull inspires a dramatic rescue.

Episode 65: Ghost On A Wing
Hope rallies the team to release the herd of white tailed deer. Winter brings a mysterious influx of snowy owls to the rehab.


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