Hope's Tips

Hope Swinimer gives her expert advice on a wide range of topics dealing with wildlife and their rehabilitation.

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Hope’s Tips 1 – “I Found A Baby Seal”

Hope Swinimer offers advice to someone who comes across a baby seal.

Hope’s Tips 11 – Living With Wildlife

Hope Swinimer shares her wisdom on a wide range of issues surrounding wildlife.

Hope’s Tips 10 – “I Found Some Orphaned Squirrels”

Hope Swinimer discusses what someone should do if they find orphaned squirrels.

Hope’s Tips 2 – “I Found Raccoons in my Attic”

Hope Swinimer offers some tips on how to deal with raccoons on your premises.

Hope’s Tips 7 – “Skunk!”

Hope Swinimer offers advice to anyone who has encountered a skunk and is concerned about its health.