Hope's Tips

Hope Swinimer gives her expert advice on a wide range of topics dealing with wildlife and their rehabilitation.

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Hope’s Tips 4 – “Why Did The Turtle Cross The Road?”

Hope Swinimer shares her insight on turtles.

Hope’s Tips 9 – “I Found a Bird on the Ground”

Hope Swinimer offers advice for anyone who may have found an injured bird.

Hope’s Tips 5 – “Whats Wrong With This Porcupine?”

Hope Swinimer offers her advice on how to assess if a porcupine is injured.

Hope’s Tips 6 – “I Think This Baby Deer is Abandoned”

Hope Swinimer offers advice on what to do if you see a baby deer that seems to be separated from its mother.

Hope’s Tips 1 – “I Found A Baby Seal”

Hope Swinimer offers advice to someone who comes across a baby seal.