Hope Favourites

Our favourite moments from the Hope For Wildlife series back catalogue.

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The Little Owl Finds His Wings

Hope didn’t think this little Saw Wood Owl could return to the wild again. But after a year of pampering, his flight has returned.

Hope Learns How to Catch a Bear

Hope may have encountered her largest task to date: capturing a Black Bear.

Raccoon Round Up

Racoons may be cute when they first arrive at Hope For Wildlife. But as their hormones kick in, they get very grumpy! But this grumpiness is actually key to their survival, keeping them away from humans and larger predators.

Releasing an Eagle

Saving an injured eagle from the wild is only half the battle. The other half? Releasing it back into the wild.

Releasing Northern Flickers

New volunteer Hayley finds out the hard way that in order to release these quick moving woodpeckers, she’ll have to catch them first.