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Our favourite moments from the Hope For Wildlife series back catalogue.

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Winnie the Seal Leaps to Freedom

To cap off the most successful year of marine rehabilitation Hope For Wildlife has seen, Winnie the seal is taken out into the ocean to be released directly into the sea. Dr. Barry joins Hope for his first seal release.

Deer’s Daring Ocean Swim

Nove Scotia is a place where the forest meets the sea. But with the ocean’s rugged beauty comes danger for the woodland animals. A deer becomes stranded in the water and along the slippery and steep rocks of the jagged coastline. As usual, Hope and her team do everything in their power to attempt to …Read more »

Baby Seal’s First Swim

Hope is delighted to see a seal they rescued take its first swim.

Unexpected Bee Swarm

Just when everything seems in perfect shape for the Hope For Wildlife open house, a group of unexpected visitors decide to show up.

The Little Owl Finds His Wings

Hope didn’t think this little Saw Wood Owl could return to the wild again. But after a year of pampering, his flight has returned.