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Our favourite moments from the Hope For Wildlife series back catalogue.

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Learning to Release a Bird of Prey

Hope For Wildlife is made possible by the incredible efforts of its dedicated volunteers. This work can be very difficult and unnerving. In this video, a volunteer has to learn the tricky and daunting skill of catching and releasing a large bird of prey.

Terrance Returns to the Sea

If Terrance has gained enough weight at Hope For Wildlife, he will be released back into the wild seas of the Atlantic. But even though Hope feels a sense of pride and accomplishment whenever an animal is rehabilitated successfully, she can’t help but worry about them as they enter the latest chapter of their lives.

First Ever Deer Adoption Attempt

While foster baby deer are a common sight around Hope For Wildlife, it isn’t everyday that a lactating mother looking for a baby to nurse shows up. In a first ever attempt, the Hope Team try to connect a baby and a mother desperate for a family to call their own.

Winnie the Seal Leaps to Freedom

To cap off the most successful year of marine rehabilitation Hope For Wildlife has seen, Winnie the seal is taken out into the ocean to be released directly into the sea. Dr. Barry joins Hope for his first seal release.

Deer’s Daring Ocean Swim

Nove Scotia is a place where the forest meets the sea. But with the ocean’s rugged beauty comes danger for the woodland animals. A deer becomes stranded in the water and along the slippery and steep rocks of the jagged coastline. As usual, Hope and her team do everything in their power to attempt to …Read more »