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Our favourite moments from the Hope For Wildlife series back catalogue.

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Baby Seal’s First Swim

Hope is delighted to see a seal they rescued take its first swim.

Shubie the Mischievous Raven

Ever since Shubie was dropped off at Hope For Wildlife as an adolescent, the Raven has become the bully on the playground. Whether tormenting the people and animals around the property, or spilling containers to play with the contents, Shubie is playfully making his presence known every where he goes.

Terrance Returns to the Sea

If Terrance has gained enough weight at Hope For Wildlife, he will be released back into the wild seas of the Atlantic. But even though Hope feels a sense of pride and accomplishment whenever an animal is rehabilitated successfully, she can’t help but worry about them as they enter the latest chapter of their lives.

Winnie the Seal Leaps to Freedom

To cap off the most successful year of marine rehabilitation Hope For Wildlife has seen, Winnie the seal is taken out into the ocean to be released directly into the sea. Dr. Barry joins Hope for his first seal release.