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Baby Porcupine Feeding

One of the smallest creatures to ever stumble through Hope For Wildlife is very hungry!

Dr Barry Makes a Difficult Decision

When it comes to rehabilitating animals from the wild, Dr Barry and Hope are often forced to make difficult decisions. When Chester the Eagle, a long-time resident of Hope for Wildlife, shows no signs of recovery, Dr Barry is forced to take unfortunate measures to end Chester’s chronic pain.

Every Life is a Gift

“Every single animal is worth fighting for. Because every life is a gift.” – Hope Swinimer

To Hope, With Love

Hope For Wildlife volunteers write letters to Hope Swinimer articulating the admiration and love they have for her.

All we can do is Hope

“Our job isn’t to protect our patients from nature, it’s to return them to it.” – Hope Swinimer Rehabilitating wildlife is never easy – it takes making difficult decisions and letting go. Like a parent with a growing child, the staff and volunteers at Hope For Wildlife try as hard as they can to not …Read more »