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Learning to Release a Bird of Prey

Hope For Wildlife is made possible by the incredible efforts of its dedicated volunteers. This work can be very difficult and unnerving. In this video, a volunteer has to learn the tricky and daunting skill of catching and releasing a large bird of prey.

Hawk in a Hockey Rink

What is more Canadian than a Hawk caught in a hockey rink? With its speed and agility, this Hawk may just have the home ice advantage!

Runaway Fawn

Why do complications pop up right before Open House? As the night is drawing to a close, a volunteer discovers a little fawn is missing. Luckily, many hands are on deck to search the dark night for this delicate deer.

Dr Barry Makes a Difficult Decision

When it comes to rehabilitating animals from the wild, Dr Barry and Hope are often forced to make difficult decisions. When Chester the Eagle, a long-time resident of Hope for Wildlife, shows no signs of recovery, Dr Barry is forced to take unfortunate measures to end Chester’s chronic pain.

Reuniting Baby with its Mom

When a well-meaning person drops off a healthy baby deer at Hope For Wildlife, Rebecca must hurry back to where the fawn was found. She hopes to reunite the baby with its mom. As the sun sets, the chances of a successful reunion dwindles.